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What we do

Makanika Dot Com connects motor vehicle owners to automobile service providers, especially garages/mechanics through our website and mobile app. We also connect users to insurance services, fuel, discounts, rewards and gifts.

Request Mechanic

We have built an outstanding network of garages that may be accessed through our app. Our range of garages offer fast, reliable and secure services to our users whenever and wherever needed.

Schedule Service

We help users of our mobile application to plan their vehicle servicing to avoid unnecessary delays which may result in vehicle damage or poor vehicle performance.

Insurance Services

We have brokered relationships with vehicle insurance agents and companies to enable users of the App to order insurance services, as well as find a car repair insurance scheme.

Gifts and Rewards

On our mobile application you will have the opportunity to access tokens which are available from time to time during special campaigns and promotions from us and from our partners.

Company and Large Fleets

We offer a corporate package to companies, organizations and individuals with more than five vehicles.Here they get access to our network of garages plus an array of extra customized services.

Quick and Quality Service

We screen our mechanics and garages to ensure they meet our standard for quality. Our Mechanics are trained to respond to your requests instantly.

Pay with Makanika Credit

Users may pay for their respective services used through the cash-less payment service on the App where user purchases credit. We are currently integrated with mobile money and will be enrolling banks to make access to funds even easier.

Pay For Fuel

Users may pay for fuel through the cash-less payment service on the App by purchasing credit or through mobile money to the chosen fueling station.

Motor 3rd Party

We collect data from users who are interested in purchasing vehicle insurance stickers (for third-party), comprehensive and other vehicle insurance services.

Find high quality car accessories, at affordable rates in our online accessories shop, We have secured partnerships with car accessory dealers providing high quality spare parts and accessories.

Register Your Garage

Most garages have their mechanics sit idly as they wait for clients to come to them, whilst at the same time clients are looking for a nearest garage. Our company can increase efficiency for both parties.

At Makanika Dot Com, we enable garages to supplement their regular income with more clients, especially those in emergency situations. This will generate more income for garages and therefore a better livelihood for the individual mechanics.

Our partner garages benefit from special internal offers. We also extend our benefits from partners in the automobile industry to our partner garages. While it may be difficult for large companies to partner with individual garages, our network with multiple garages has proven to attract such partners.

We arrange special skills training for our garages in areas like customer care, time management, specialised repairs etc., as part of our standardised quality assurance plan. We believe this is of considerable benefit to garages, as they would not ordinarily be able to afford such specialist training.